Al-‘Aqabah Tour Reflection

MSA’s Outreach Committee worked with members of Detroit’s Masjid Al-‘Aqabah community on September 29th  to give K-12 students a glimpse of life at Michigan. Jathiya Lawhorn was one of the MSA-ers who volunteered to acquaint our visitors with the sights and sounds of Central Campus.
A few Saturdays ago MSA members had the opportunity to serve as tour guides to a group of Muslims ranging in grade level from elementary school through senior year, as well as their escorts from Detroit. This group of energetic, fun-loving young people was excited to learn about the university, and we were delighted to share. We started the day with a walking tour that wrapped up with a stroll through the second-floor exhibits at the Museum of Natural History (pictured above) and a short talk on the Diag about university history. During our lunch discussion in the Michigan Union, the kids learned about the ways in which we as Muslim students practice our faith in the community, as well as topics like how the university and admissions work. The adults and kids were especially impressed to hear about the resources we have on campus to meet our religious and spiritual needs. By the time we finished our sandwiches they understood that MSA has helped us build a welcoming space where students can feel at home. When lunch ended and we bade our Salaams to our new buddies, I think we all felt a sense of pride in the university and in the Muslim kids who now couldn’t wait to be Wolverines!