MSA-er of the Month February 2013: Amre Metwally

The Muslim Students’ Association isn’t much of an association without its community members. MSA-ers routinely go above and beyond the call of duty to plan and execute events and campaigns, share their great ideas, and generally help other members of the community. In recognition of so many contributions, each month an outstanding member is nominated as MSA-er of the Month. The MSA-er of the Month for February 2013 is Amre Metwally!

Amre MetwallyAmre Metwally is a Senior studying History as well as Middle Eastern and North African Studies. During his four years at Michigan he’s made an impact on several campus groups, including Model United Nations at Michigan. This year he brought his talents to MSA, helping put on a variety of events. His contributions this year began with the role he played in planning,  organizing, and MCing Dr. Tariq Ramadan’s September visit to Ann Arbor. Not content to rest on his laurels, Amre got to work on MSA’s Social Justice and Activism committee, where he has provided insight and resources during the planning of March’s #MUSLIMRAGE panel. His work helping the Muslim community doesn’t end there, however. “I was often incredibly frustrated with how certain topics were (or just weren’t) discussed,” Amre writes for an email interview. This frustration led him and other MSA-ers to create Intragroup Dialogues, a series of organized discussions that would allow students to share their opinions and understand others’ beliefs on subjects ranging from race to modesty. As his time at Michigan winds down, Amre is making preparations to travel. He encourages others to do the same for personal development: “I think everyone needs to leave the bubble.”

#MUSLIMRAGE and MSAer rebuttals

A recent issue of Newsweek presented an alarmist, unfavorable and inaccurate view of the Muslim community as a one-dimensional collective actor. In response, Muslims and others around the world, including UofM MSA-ers, took to the Internet to show that the fear of “MUSLIMRAGE” in everyday life is an irrational one and that Muslims, like the rest of humankind, are a heterogeneous community who go through life with its many challenges and can respond with a sense of humor. Below are some of the responses (in tweet form) that were sent in by readers like you.

At the airport “How do you spell your last name?” K-h-e-r- ALLAH #muslimrage
-Yazan Kherallah

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