MSA-er of the Month November 2012: Mohamed Abedrabbo

The Muslim Students’ Association isn’t much of an association without its community members. MSA-ers routinely go above and beyond the call of duty to plan and execute events and campaigns, share their great ideas, and generally help other members of the community. In recognition of so many contributions, each month an outstanding member is nominated as MSA-er of the Month. The MSA-er of the Month for November 2012 is Mohamed Abedrabbo!

Abedrabbo (Left)

Mohamed “Babo” Abedrabbo (left), a pre-med Senior majoring in Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience, was nominated for an impressive array of contributions. He decided as his Junior year wound down that he would dedicate more time to MSA activities. “The pivot point was when I went to ASB [Alternative Spring Break],” he says, referencing MSA’s service learning trip to Chicago, where he and other MSA-ers volunteered with H.O.M.E. Realizing he could contribute to the Muslim community on campus, he set about finding projects where help was needed. The first opportunity came this summer when Babo was tapped to lead Cough2MSA, a soup delivery service dedicated to helping under-the-weather students feel better. Since then, he has made the program into a resounding success. As if Cough2MSA wasn’t enough, he also contributed to this semester’s Sacred Time Project, serving as the planning group’s Financial Chair. A Dearborn native who now lives in Canton, MI, Babo has been active as a volunteer for Doors of Opportunity, the Michigan Muslim Youth Council, and the University of Michigan Health System.

Introducing Cough2MSA!

The sounds of sniffles, sneezes, and coughs during class are such a quintessential part of Ann Arbor winters that they might as well be included in The Michigan Difference. At least until the high-power researchers on campus find a cure for the common cold, MSA provides its members with Cough2MSA, a service that helps MSA-ers get back to feeling 100% when their sinuses are knocked out. In this post, an anonymous student introduces Cough2MSA and reviews the cookout that took place on October 8th.

The revival of one of MSA’s best initiatives officially began last Monday with the Cough2MSA Cookout! About 20 MSA-ers  headed to the Trotter Multicultural Center for a few hours to prepare pots of soup for the chilly seasons ahead. With Cough2MSA, if you are feeling under the weather, you can have a free bowl of soup delivered right to you. All you need to do is fill out our form and sit tight as we deliver the yummy soup to your door on campus.

On the day of the cookout, three shifts of volunteers helped out in various tasks to make tasty batches of chicken-and-barley and vegetarian lentil soups. The first shift of students prepared the necessary materials to start cooking. With volunteers chopping vegetables and washing dishes, the kitchen was really busy and everybody’s hands were full. Nonetheless, the environment was really upbeat and all of us were enjoying ourselves. The middle shift predominantly focused on cooking the soups. The soup smelled out-of-this-world tasty, and the lucky few MSA-ers who stayed until the end can confirm that it tasted just as good. Wrapping up the night, volunteers for the third shift kept themselves busy washing dishes, organizing our materials, and putting the finishing touches on the soup. They also tidied up the kitchen; MESA Trotter staffers were too kind letting us use their facility, and we wanted to make sure they got it back in even better shape! The volunteers were exhausted after some hard work, but it was a fulfilling experience knowing that this soup would be serving our Muslim community on campus, where it can be difficult for students to take care of themselves.

The soup is now ready for the taking. If you are ever feeling sick, please take advantage of this service and contact us for your free bowl of soup. We have multiple volunteers ready to deliver it to you when you need it, and hopefully it can help you get back on your feet quickly!

The author’s special thanks go to Mohamed Abedrabbo, Noor Haydar, Hussein Sheikh-Aden, and Betul Tatar for their work preparing and organizing Cough2MSA. May they attain the blessings that come from it. To check out the pictures from the cookout, click here.