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Lena Khan and Ridwan Adhami are both artists we hosted on campus last fall as a part of this year’s Arts & Culture theme. Check out their work and support it if you like it!

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Nasruddin’s Coat, thoughts on ‘Muslim Art’ and why you should support Lena Khan and Ridwan Adhami

Bilal Hassam 02/08/13

“Hodja Effendi,” the classic short tale begins, “last night I was passing by your house and I heard a lot of commotion. What was all that racket?”

“Nothing serious. My wife just threw my coat down the stairs,” the wise man replied.

“But Effendi, how could a coat falling down the stairs make that much noise?”

“Ahh. You see… at the time, I happened to be in it!”

The gregarious tales of the legendary Nasruddin Hodga have engaged and amused people for centuries. Beneath the mystical slapstick and mischievous satire, however, bubbles timeless wisdom. I’ve often chuckled at this short story without giving it much thought. But just what is Nasruddin telling us? What is all the noise and commotion? What does the coat represent?

A couple weeks ago, The Leaf…

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Cool Org: Calligraphy Club

From time to time MSA-ers come up with cool initiatives that will interest other students in MSA. Calligraphy Club is offering a unique opportunity to learn and practice artistic Arabic calligraphy under Nihad Dukhan. The first meeting is on Wednesday, October 17th. For more information, see the flyer below or contact Omar Shaikh at oms786@gmail.com. Please RSVP with Omar if you plan on attending.