Prayer Information

The University of Michigan graciously provides reflection rooms in a number of campus buildings. As Muslims, we frequently use these rooms to pray. Mouse-over each room description to see a picture of the room. These rooms are provided for the spiritual and ritual use of all faiths.

University of Michigan Reflection Rooms:

UGLi:  The prayer room is on the ground floor. If you walk past the cafe or the front desk and into the library you will see rooms all the way in the back on the left hand side after the printing area. The first room is the reflection room and it has a sign on it labeling it as so.

League: The reflection room is located on the third floor room 347 from 7:30am-10:30pm.

Angell Hall: On the south side of the building near the posting wall there are elevators. On the right, go into the door that says stairwell access and keep going straight and open the door to G620. [See below for unofficial fishbowl area.]

Chemistry Building: Go down either of the staircases and make a U-turn. Underneath the staircases are some vending machines and the reflection room, which is across from the vending machines. Inside the room, you can find a prayer carpet. Once inside, the prayer direction is towards the door that you came in from.

North Campus – Pierpont: Going down the stairways by Beansters, you will pass a couple of classrooms and will see a vending machine. Go toward the vending machine, and you will see a room in the corner. The Qiblah is in the direction the carpet is laid out on.

Michigan Union: The University has added a reflection room to The Michigan Union in room 4302, allowing members of the community to find solitude in one of the most well-known buildings on campus.

Unofficial Prayer Areas

Fishbowl: Muslims commonly pray in the fishbowl next to the cubicles. Go down the main stairs and make an immediate left and then another left at the end of the cubicles near the emergency exit stairs. Make sure not to block the cubicle door.

Union: Opera lounge on the 1st floor


Where can I pray Jumu’ah Prayer?

There are four Friday Prayer (Jumu’ah) options in the Ann Arbor/University of Michigan area. MSA holds a Friday prayer on campus; the local masjid holds two Friday prayers; and the University of Michigan Health System holds Friday prayer at the Medical campus.

Campus Jumu’ah: MSA holds our Campus Jumuah from 2:10-3:00 pm, typically in either the Michigan League or the Michigan Union. We hold Campus Jumu’ah 10 months out of the year (September-June). This week’s prayer time and location: Click Here. To receive weekly text messages with the location of the prayer: Sign-up Here.

Masjid Jumu’ah The local masjid, the Muslim Community Association of Ann Arbor, holds two Jumu’ah prayers year-round. The first is from 12 noon-1pm, and the second is from 1:30-2:00 pm. The masjid is located at 2301 Plymouth Road, which is very close to North Campus. Directions to the masjid from campus: Click Here.

Hospital Jumu’ah The University of Michigan Health System holds Friday Prayers every week in room 2C224 of University Hospital (the main hospital). The Friday Prayer is usually 1:15-1:45pm (as of 6-4-2011), but it varies. This is on the same floor as the main chapel, and close to the cafeteria. With the chapel on your right, walk forward and take the first left into another hallway. The Friday Prayer room is forward on your left. The chapel can also be used for performing any other prayers on any day, and there are Qur’ans and dua books there as well. Their Webpage: Click Here.

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