Michigan Muslims Around the World

Here is this summer’s edition of Michigan Muslims Around the World. 250-ish more days ’til next summer!


This summer MSA-ers will travel far and wide, and as they go they will proudly wear their Michigan Muslim T-shirts. They’ll take pictures, too. And for when they take pictures, they know how to submit their pictures for the rest of the world to see. Just in case they got carried away in all of the excitement and forgot how to submit pictures, all they have to do is send their submissions to umichmsamedia@gmail.com.

1. Omar Hadied (’14): Pine Lake, Michigan

“As the nice weather continues to fluctuate within my beautiful home state of Michigan, I found myself on a clear sunny day enjoying some free time during the weekend. Pine lake is clear, clean and full of life. You can stand around or jump up and down, but with boats flying left and right, all I want to do is sit down and enjoy the light.” (Photos/effects provided by Layla Hadied)

2. Tareq Yaqub (’12): Zion National Park and the Grand Canyon

After graduation, Ranger Yaqub heads out West in search of God, gold and glory. (Bottom-right photo captures the moment he stumbles upon the gold and donates it all to the Michigan Muslim Alumni Foundation. Thanks, Tareq.)

3. Zain Khan (’12): Monte Urgull in San Sebastian, Spain.

Fresh graduate Zain Khan hikes up a steep path to reach the top of Monte Urgull. Not only does he do a fantastic job of sporting the glorious Michigan Muslim shirt, but he also lets his Moroccan buddy, Bilal, experience the fleeting wonder of being a Michigan Muslim in San Sebastian. Double points for you, amigo!

4. Omar Malas (’12): Chicago, IL

Seeking a break from an unusually hot Michigan summer, Humam (left) and Omar Malas found refuge in Chicago, where Independence Day temperatures topped out at a pleasant 101 degrees Fahrenheit. Here, the brothers enjoy the view of the Chicago Skyline moments before checking on the cookie dough they left in their car 15 minutes earlier.

5. Hussein Sheikh-Aden (’15): Camp Al-Hilal

Camp counselor Hussein led his tiny troops of young hopeful leaders through the woods all with the help of his handy dandy UM-MSA Shirt! Not one to pass up a dare, Hussein proudly does the robot in the woods to a crowd of twigs and stones. Legend has it that the photo was taken by an up-and-coming photographer only know as The B. Ear. The unrivaled dance champion of the woods, Hussein assumes the “Come at me bro!” position in the third photo. Does anyone dare challenge the UM-MSA t-shirt breakdancer? Only time (and your photo submissions!) will tell…

6. Rama Mwenesi (’13): Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

I spy, with my little eye, a happy UM-MSAer proudly reppin’ our school in this charitable climb to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro to help further the noble efforts of S.E.W (Successfully Empowering Women) ! (HINT: Do you really need one?)

7. Farhan Iqbal: Sydney, Australia

Farhan Iqbal capturing the perfect photo opportunity with a backdrop of the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, illuminated by the setting sun.

8. Adjanni Dixon: The League, Ann Arbor

Escaping the heat (and just a couple minutes of class!) Adjanni embraces the beauty of the Ann Arbor campus in the summer time.

9. Maahin Mahmood: Smoky Mountains, Tennesee

Princess Maahin Mahmood of the Smoky Mountains sits on her wooded throne as she graciously poses for photo for “4 Est. Magazine” the leading magazine in horticulture circles! In this issue she discusses how her UMich MSA shirt has brought a spell of peacefulness in the Mountains and is considering geting some for her forest friends Chip Monk and Sir. Grizzly B. Ear.

10. Faizan Khan (’12): Tennessee & DC

With his numerous travels this past summer, recent graduate and quarterback of the championship MSA IM and MSA Senior Bowl football teams, Faizan Khan was able to snag a few pics with the ever so famous Michigan Muslims T-shirt! First, he adventured to the peaks of Tennessee’s Smoky Mountains where and a couple other Muzzies (including a couple fellow Wolverines!) captured breathtaking views. Next, he participated in the Fawakih summer Arabic program in D.C. where he managed to poke his finger on the Washington Monument. Both trips were highly recommended! GO BLUE!

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